Getting Cosy in Utah



Ok, still playing catch up with these posts. Let’s talk a little bit about a place I consider one of my “Home Sweet Home”s.



I’ve got loads of very dear friends and family in Utah, but most importantly I have a family I consider my second family there (and they’re British so that sweetens the pot even more). Generally when I go home to California from wherever it is I’m living, it’s compulsory that I also go “home” to Utah.


Aside from the draw of spectacular humans I call my friends and family, Utah is the land of beautiful and varied landscapes and grand outdoor adventures. This last trip I drove 4 hours from Provo to see my cousin out in Vernal and back to Salt Lake for my flight. I was honestly amazed at how often and how drastically the landscape changed – from desert, to canyon, to mountain, to Lake District-esque. Winters in Park City, summers in Lake Powell. Utah is always a good idea.


This last jaunt I admittedly spent majority of my time cuddling babies and catching up with friends, but one thing I try to do every time is to venture into Provo Canyon and visit Sundance.


It’s an incredibly cosy place to have lunch, do a little shopping, wander the grounds, take photos and spend quality time chatting and bantering.


The canyon is also a fantastic backdrop for you and your bestie (I kinda hate myself for saying bestie, but she really just is..the best) to snap some great profile or Instagram pictures (yes, I hate myself for saying that as well).


Anyway, I suppose this was a Sundance-heavy post, but other places to check out: Salt Lake City (especially Temple Square in spring), Park City (in winter – hop on the funicular and grab a drink at the St. Regis), Provo Canyon any time of year, Lake Powell (house boating and wake boarding in summer), and pretty much hiking anywhere in early fall. Go explore all that Utah has to offer!

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