Etymology: What’s in a name?

Why Whitsle+Wander? It’s quite simple.

Firstly, I whistle loads, all the time, unconsciously, sing-songingly. If I had a nickel..eh, let’s say a fiver (the nickel phrase is a bit out dated isn’t it?) for every time a stranger struck up a conversation with me about my whistle…well, I’d probably be able to buy a one way to San Francisco.

Secondly, I wander quite frequently on a scale of global proportions. Though born and raised in Orange County, California, I caught the travel bug quite young. Studying abroad in Rome, doing my Master’s in London, and working in Kosovo has resulted in me getting sucked back to Europe time and time again, but I’ve wandered my way through five continents so far. I’ve got a lifetime goal of all seven continents and 100 countries.

I’ve been working to hit 50 countries by 30 and I managed to hit my 50th with four months to spare!

Current progress: Continents: 5; Countries: 50

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