6 Reasons to Travel Solo


I realise many people have qualms about traveling solo. And I get that. It’s daunting and has the potential to be a little lonely.

Here’s the thing: traveling solo is absolutely brilliant (this is backed by thorough personal research) and has a plethora of benefits you just won’t get from traveling in a pack. I’d like to enumerate a few of the top reasons I highly recommend traveling alone.

1. Flexibility. If you’ve ever traveled with a group of people (or even just one other person) you know the quagmire that is travel logistics. Person A can’t leave that Thursday, Person B loathes that airline, Person C refuses to stay in any accommodation below four stars. Guess what? When you go alone…you can go whenever the heck you want, fly whichever airline floats your boat (ha), and sleep on a couch if it tickles your fancy.

2. Freedom. Once you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, you get to take each city/town/village at your own pace. Wake up when you want, eat when you want, see whichever museum you want…or don’t want. Your itinerary is 100% up to you.

3. Sociability. You’d be amazed how many more people you meet whilst traveling alone, though you may have to put in a wee bit more effort at times. I love to stay in hostels whilst traveling alone – there’s always a slew of other solo travellers or people always keen on exploring the city with new friends. I once went to Hawaii by myself for two weeks, hardly spent any of my trip alone, and even had a fellow traveler come stay at mine the following week! You just never know.

4. Sense of Accomplishment. Traveling alone is a little scary, especially if you aren’t a seasoned traveler, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when you figure out how to get from the airport to your hostel/hotel/flat in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? Priceless. If we’re being honest,  traveling solo makes me feel like a bad*ss.

5.Self-Reflection. You learn a great deal about yourself when you’re on your own – both your strengths and your weaknesses, likes and dislikes. When you are solo you have more time to think, reflect, and observe.

6. Reading time. Alright, I realise this may not be a priority or selling-point for everyone, but I love the extra-reading time solo travel affords. My Kindle is my travel partner sometimes. I often don’t mind the slower (cheaper) modes of transport when I’ve got my Kindle!

So, are you convinced? Still need a nudge? Stay tuned for posts on my favourite destinations, accommodations, and eateries.

4 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Travel Solo

  1. Good post. I travel alone all the time, but I am male and it is easier for me in terms of safety; I would love to hear a bit more on your thoughts/advice for female solo travelers.

    P.S.- I’d add one more to the list: getting a ticket to an event at the last minute is so much easier for just one. Eg. I was in Egypt and just wanted a hot air balloon ride at dawn over Luxor (I know, RIP); I landed in Vienna and wanted to see the opera that night; I walked into the most popular restaurant in Santa Fe where the average wait time is two hours and got seated at the bar promptly, etc.

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