Enoteca Cul de Sac, Rome, Italy


Yup, this restaurant gets its own post. It is not an exaggeration or overstatement when I say that Enoteca Cul de Sac is my favourite restaurant in the world (thus far). I have specifically made trips to Rome just to eat lunch and dinner here and then carry on with my travels. I have dreams about this place. Whenever I am in Rome, I eat here every day and the people I drag with me do not mind in the slightest. Over the past eight years I have probably sent over 40 people to this restaurant, and every single one reports back that they absolutely loved it and also went multiple times over their stay in Rome.


I studied abroad in Rome during the summer of 2008 and the mother of my flatmate actually introduced us to it. Thus the love story began.

I went here frequently during my stint living in Rome and when my mom came for a visit, I introduced her to Cul de Sac. It then became her favourite restaurant. I have eaten at this restaurant more times than I can count over the years (all these photos are from different meals and/or trips haha).


Over the years I have been collecting the red wine glasses, two at a time, and now have a full set at home. I also have a favourite waiter, Daniele, I catch up with whenever I am in town (provided he’s not in China – where he got a degree). Last time went for a late night wine-fueled Vespa ride around Rome (during which we also climbed in a fountain – Roman Holiday much?). I cannot express my love for this restaurant enough.

Daniele – bringer or cheeky free glasses of wine.


Though it’s quite central (just off Corso Vitorrio Emanuele and the southwest corner of Piazza Navona) and it is flanked by not-so-great tourist traps, it is an absolute gem. It is a narrow long restaurant, walls lined with row after row of wine, and a little outdoor dining section. Though there do tend to be quite a few internationals, there are plenty of locals to confirm it’s true greatness.


So, down to what you really want to know…

What Dishes I DIE for:

  • Greek Salad – Literally the greatest slab of feta, the tomatoes (my mom and I brought seeds home once to try to replicate this), fresh cucumber, sweet red onion, and olives (for those of you who like them, I personally don’t).
  • Ravioli – They alternate between cheese and duck ravioli. Whenever I’m in town and it’s the duck I’m absolutely devastated, but either way, it is the simplest, yet most delectable ravioli that just melts in your mouth.
  • Cheeseboard – Always different as they provide a smattering of local cheeses. You can also get it with assorted meats.
  • Salmon Baked in Paper – It quite literally melts in your mouth. It’s a healthy portion of salmon baked in paper along with potato, green beans and carrots. Pure magic really.
  • Smoked Swordfish – If I’m not intending to have the salmon (which I usually do at dinner), I have this in conjunction with the Greek salad.
  • Oxtail – Obviously I haven’t had this, but my brother had it and loved it. As have a couple of my meat eating friends.
  • Meatballs with white wine and mashed potatoes – Again, I’ve not had this, but my friend, Ben, my mom’s husband, Steve, my brother, Landon, have all had it on more than one occasion.
The perfectly constructed last bite of the last meal of the last day in Rome. Makes me sad every time.

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