Favourite Proper London Pubs


I’ve been asked at least 1,390,034 times just why I LOVE London so much and part of that answer is: the pub culture. I am the ultimate sucker for a traditional cosy pub replete with wood-paneled walls, open fire places, and stacks on stacks of board games. There are more amazing pubs in London than one could ever possibly discover, but these were my regular haunts whilst living in London.


Ye Old Cheshire Cheese – ‘Twas a favourite haunt of mine during my Master’s. We’d often pop in for a cheeky pint between class and the library. Rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666, there has been a pub on this spot since 1583. Because its mostly in an underground cellar you can easily lose all track of time. But I’m ok with that.


The Old Ship Tavern – My go to for post-work pints when I worked at a think tank just across from Holborn. This little number is oh so charming and candle lit at times. Their Christmas decorations are always on point.


Ye Olde Mitre – Another unbelievably charming and traditional little pub hidden down a tiny passageway. You will feel transported back in time whilst enjoying a pint in this establishment.


Princess Louise – A bit of a different interior feel, this one is known for it’s Victorian styling. The inside is partitioned into smaller rooms along the bar – if you’re lucky you can snag a space just for you and your mates.


The Churchill Arms – The famous flower covered Churchill Arms. It doesn’t get more eclectic than this. The interior is a marvel of its own. This one is also renowned for its Thai food. Go figure.


The Queens Arms – This one is less traditional, but the perfect spot for a romantic pub date (or a friend date, which I have done). If you’re looking for some amazing pub food, this is the place.



Approach Tavern – This one holds a special place in my heart. My first flat in London was just around the corner so this was our “local”. The food is lovely, the patio is great for summer, and the pub quizzes kept us entertained during winter.

The Dove – A favourite of my Belgian flatmate’s whenever we’d go to Broadway Market – they have a vast selection of Belgian beers and like most proper pubs in London, a cosy interior.


The Mayflower – This one might be my all time favourite. Its tucked away in Rotherhithe on the river, as in you can’t be out on the patio when it’s high tide. The food is truly fantastic. At night it’s candlelit. The atmosphere, the interior, the fireplace. I’m kinda speechless. You just have to see it for yourself.


The Boot and Flogger – Of the more elegant variety. You could just picture proper English gentlemen sitting there drinking a fine wine and smoking cigars circa 1890.


Dickens Inn – Situated in St Katherine’s docks, this wooden wharehouse number provides you a bit more space and in summer, a pleasant beer garden.


The Old Queens Head – Off possibly my favourite high street in London (Angel), during winter I loved plopping myself on the big leather couch with a mulled cider and de-thawing by the open fire place.


The Holly Bush – Another traditional number, this wood-paneled pub is tucked away in the hills of Hampstead and has plenty of little cosy corners. It has a lovely garden and the food is spectacular.


So, go forth and have many a pint in London’s finest pubs.

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