A Bit Aboot Vancouver, Canada


I’ve only got a wee bit of insight into Vancouver as I only tacked it on to my trip to Seattle and Bellingham for my flatmate’s wedding, but what a lovely two days I spent there! I caught the train, my preferred method of travel when possible, from Bellingham to Vancouver (the views weren’t half bad).  Upon arriving at the train station in Vancouver, its a six minute walk over to the metro which you can then catch to downtown Vancouver. On the return leg I caught the metro to the bus station and took a bus back to Seattle (not as great as the train, but certainly cost effective).


Where I Stayed:

Samesun Backpackers Hostel – Not the fanciest hostel I’ve ever stayed in, but very comfortable and had a cosy bar/ restaurant area where I met some cool Irishmen who took me out to the bars for the evening.

What I Did:

Cycled around Stanley Park – A 1,001 acre park almost entirely surrounded by water, this was the perfect way to take in Vancouver’s natural beauty whilst also burning a few calories. There are loads of shops to hire a bike from near the park. I took my time and cycled around the whole park, stopping for photo opps often.


Played Volleyball at Kitsilano Beach – I’m such a volleyball addict that when I say people playing, I just had to ask to join! Spent a lovely few hours playing with some of the locals.


Walked Around the Harbour – The views around the harbour are stunning and the buildings reminded me a bit of Canary Wharf in London.  You can gawk at the obscene size of the behemoth cruise ships often docked there.


Wandered Granville Island Public Market – You can reach this by walking across a number of bridges nearby, but I chose the more scenic 3 minute ferry route. This market has loads of food and artistry stuffs, but also has a brewery. Heyo!


Dreamed of Capilano Suspension Bridge – I had really, really wanted to do this, but opted to grab brunch and wander the city with a friend instead. I fully intend on returning and seeing the beauty that surrounds Capilano Bridge!!


Ate at Gorilla Food – Found out this place is currently closed, but will be reopening soon. The food was fantastic. Organic, vegan, and green, green, green.


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