Pristina, Kosovo: Updated


Pristina is all about its restaurants and bars – as, sadly to admit, there isn’t too much else to do in the city. Having lived in Pristina all summer I’ve got some new jems to share. Also things in this city are constantly closing and opening for this and that so an occasional update is completely necessary.


Kosovar food is pretty amazing and cheap. Dirt cheap. But sadly it does get a bit monotonous, especially for a pescetarian. I did my best to find a variety of dishes that suited my fancy throughout the city (if we are being honest, the fish dish pictured below freaked me out a bit).


Here are my new haunts from this summer:

  • Tiffany – This one is probably my #1 here in Pristina. Though the ambiance is nothing impressive, the food knocks it out of the park. I love the salad and the tavë me perime (vegetables baked in a pot). I brought my mom here when she visited and it was her favourite of the weekend!
  • Soma – This one opened a couple months ago and it quickly became the hot spot. The food is great, but the ambiance is better. Everyone starts their Friday night here, but you can easily come midweek with a book or your laptop to get some work done.
  • Taverna Ibra – Ibra is my favourite lunch time spot. No menu. No one speaks English. The owner is a young guy named Ibra whose cousin (who looks more like his twin) helps out. “A mundem ta kem sallate miske, pa spec te djegest” aka I will have the mixed salad with no spicy peppers!
  • Miqt Taverna– Another favourite lunch spot just off Mother Teresa down an alley to the left off Half and Half. It’s very popular so it’s best to book a table ahead. They always have amazing soups of the day and great salads.
  • Liburna – Another one with a great cosy garden ambiance and delicious traditional food. I love the stuffed vegetables and the Liburnia salad.
  • The Cuban – If you’re feeling spicy and want to get your salsa dance on!
  • Tingle Tangle – Ultimate Pristina hispter chill. The artwork on the walls are super trippy and will keep you entranced for a bit.
  • Bon Vivant – Decent for lunch, but a great spot for drinks at night. They’ve got a lovely back garden.
  • Trosha – Biscuits on biscuits. All their pastries are amazing. Oh, and the spinach and cheese burek (pictured above). Top that off with a tea and a fresh squeezed orange juice.
  • Furra Lumi Bakery – Another amazing and massive bakery. Can’t go wrong with anything here.
  • Serena Massage Centre – Last time I was here I did the Thai massage, but I’m not a fan. This is for proper relaxation. And at 20 euro an hour it’s hard to beat!


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