Paradise Found: Santorini, Greece

Oh Santorini, you beaute. I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel to some truly spectacular places and Santorini is definitely in my top three for a relaxing and lounging type of holiday (the variety of which I rarely do). We’ve all seen amazing photos of Santorini on the internet and it was everything I’d imagined and more. It was truly breathtaking. I spent countless hours researching which village to stay in and what accommodation to book, as where you stay is very much a part of the experience. I was very happy to find that my chosen village, Oia (pronounced ee-ya), was without a doubt the right choice. It was amazing just how silent and peaceful it was after 23:00 – I loved it.


My mom and I couldn’t decide if Oia was more gorgeous in the glorious daylight or candlelit at night. I’m still undecided.


From the Airport:

You will need to get a taxi and I highly recommend Chiristos Blagas with Black Pearl Santorini. He is such a character and takes so much pride in his work. He also does private tours.


Where We Stayed:

Nostos Apartments – This gem was exactly what I was hoping for: cave style rooms, pool over-looking the caldera, and a small number of guests. The staff was so friendly and helpful and we loved meeting the other guests (and hanging out with them outside the hotel too). We had Room 109 which was a suite with two rooms at the highest point of the premise which afforded us a little more privacy when on our terrace.

IMG_0042IMG_0069IMG_1851_2IMG_1866I usually don’t hang around a hotel, but this pool beckoned and the scintillating conversation with the other guests kept us occupied for a good portion of the day.IMG_0319Our terrace wasn’t too shabby for a little morning reading.IMG_0403Even my wardrobe conformed to the whites and blues of Santorini.IMG_0407And the moonlit sea from my bedroom window?IMG_0395

Other Places to Stay:

Through my research I found plenty of amazing places and also saw them whilst wandering the village. I’ll warn you though – the cost of accommodation in Oia is no laughing matter.IMG_0137IMG_0160

Andronis Luxury Suites – This place is ultimate luxury and I would love to stay here whenever I return!


Kirini Spa and Suites – Another one of ultimate luxury!


Canaves Oia Suites – This one was very near ours, and it looked aaaamazing.


What We Did:

Shopping – So much shopping. Our favourite was Soho Soho which had the cutest sandals and sales girl, Nadine.IMG_1722_2

Sunset Oia – Whenever I’m somewhere with catamaran cruises, it’s a must. Seychelles, Hawaii, Bahamas and now Santorini. They have day and sunset cruises. We opted for the day time as we weren’t that enamored with the sunsets being from California. It was oh so lovely, the water was the perfect temperature, and the lunch they provided was delectable.


Cliff Jumping – There is a rock everyone jumps off of around the corner from Ammoudi Beach. A guy we met from the hotel had jumped off it 30 years ago when he was 18, so we went back to relive his youth! I won’t lie, any higher and I don’t think I’d have jumped. I actually have bruises on the inside of my bicep from not getting my arms against my side when I hit the water! But don’t let that dissuade you – it was incredibly exhilarating.

Ride a Donkey – I admittedly only did this because of time constraints. We jumped off the rock a few too many times and were going to miss our dinner reservation. I actually felt quite bad for the donkeys, but I suppose it’s a Santorini tradition.


Palia Kameni – We took the bus (there is a schedule, but it wasn’t exactly punctual) to Fira to have cocktails at this place, as recommended by a friend. The cocktails were fantastic, but we were not impressed by Fira at all. It was extremely chintzy and we were very glad to return to beautiful, serene Oia.IMG_1824_2IMG_0370

Where We Ate:

Fino – Recommended by our hotel, we ended up going twice and the people we brought the second night told me they also went back. It’s off the beaten track, full of locals, and boasts a fantastic cocktail menu (not to mention the bartender looks like a Greek-version of Jamie Dornan. Swoon). The Ginger Rush and Medi’s Cooler were my favourite. The food was out of this world as well – the aubergine souffle knocked our socks off. We also loved the red lentil salad, sea bass, and talliolini. I also loved their aprons and asked if I could buy one – they were handmade by the owner and he said, “You’ll have to come work here and you’ll get one for free”. Done and done.


Santorini, I will definitely be back for you!


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